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根據《職業安全及健康條例》第 40 條的 ( 顯示屏幕設備 ) 規例,僱主有法律責任為屏幕「使用者 」 的僱員進行危險評估。 我們的註冊職業治療師除了依照勞工處訂明的工作危險評估表格作出評估外,還會根據個人的需要提出建議,如電腦的擺放位置、正確的工作姿勢等,從而讓僱員在最舒適的工作環境下發揮最大的工作成效,同時也能保障了僱主在法律上的責任,可謂一舉兩得。

Office Workstation Assessments

According to the Code of Practice for Working with Display Screen Equipment, under Section 40 of the Occupational Safety and Health Regulation, employers have the obligation to conduct risk assessments for their employees whom are regarded as display screen “users”.
Our registered occupational therapist will conduct the Workstation Risk Assessment Checklist designed by the Labour Department during the office workstation assessment. In addition, we also give tailor-made recommendations to the employees regarding the correct positioning of the computer components, proper working posture etc. The ultimate aim is to allow employees to work in their most ergonomically correct work stations and maximize their working efficiency, and at the same time fulfilling employer's legal obligation, so that win-win situation is achieved.


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