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我們自 1998 年已為超過 140 間不同的商業機構、專業人仕機構、慈善團體、學校、保險公司、酒店、俱樂部等提供教育健康講座。 內容主要圍繞一般都市人常患的頸痛及背痛。
我們透過生動活潑的表現方法,讓觀眾明白到頸痛及背痛並不是一般人認為是難根治的疾病。 只要在日常生活中保持正確的姿勢及做適當的運動,任何人也能輕鬆地解決頸痛及背痛的煩惱。

Educational Health Seminars
We have been conducting seminars to over 140 various business corporations, professional bodies, non-profit organizations, schools, insurance companies, hotels, clubs etc. since 1998. The seminars mainly focus on neck and back pain, which are common problems encountered by most people.
hrough our lively seminars, we address the common misunderstanding that neck and back pain is a difficult problem to deal with. The audience is gratified to learn easy and effective methods to manage their back and neck pain.


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